Halio Hot & Cool Beauty Device

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A holistic care to your skin focusing on deep cleansing, enhance absorption of serum and pore minimizing

  • Delicate design with Aluminum Massage Head
  • Smart LCD screen shows battery life, mode and intensity levels
  • Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery supports long runtime, USB rechargeable
  • Emitting positive and negative ions combining with F-vibration, hot and cooling effect
  • Halio Hot & Cool beauty device with 4 functions and 5 levels of intensity
  1. Deep cleansing using positive ion attracting 99.5% dirt and impurities which carries negative charged out of your pores
  2. Brightening your skin by producing negative ions that enhance absorption of vitamin C serum
  3. Warming up to 45°C/113°F to open up pores to enhance absorption of serum from your sheet mask
  4. Cooling down mode helps tighten up pores and lock all the goodness in your skin

Resulting in clean and tighten pores, brighter skin tone and significant increase skin hydration level