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  • Descriptions
  • A HOLISTIC LUXURY SPA-LIKE TREATMENTS AT HOME: More advance, more benefits

    The fact that bare-handed cleanse or skincare rarely reaches the vital layers deep within your skin would be a waste of effort. Hey beautiful, Halio Hot & Cool Beauty Device is here to deliver you a spa-like experience right at your home! The device is designed with advanced technology to make your daily facial cleansing and skincare routine more effective than ever!

    The device utilizes the principle of charges repelling and attracting ion emission to remove toxins, grease, and dirt deep in your pores. From a clean and clear surface, a constant heat of 45°C/113°F and high-frequency vibrations will help nutrients absorb better into the skin, improve the skin from the inside out. Fantastically, Halio Hot & Cool Beauty Device has the advanced feature of a special cool head to help shrink pores and calm the skin, giving you clearer and more luminous facial skin.

  • Features 
    • Customized: Comes with 4 modes and 5 intensities to meet different needs
    • Effective: Constant heating and high-frequency vibrations for deeper clean and fuller absorption
    • Special cool head helps to shrink the pores, soothe and calm the skin
    • Smart LCD screen shows battery life, mode and intensity clearly and directly
    • Convenience: Special attachment ring makes the use of the device more convenient
    • The device body conforms to ergonomic design, feels great in hand
  • How to use
    • Press the power 1.5s to turn on
    • Choose the mode (4 modes) and intensive level (5 levels) and use the device.


    + Deep Clean: deep cleaning with Ion (+), attach a thin cotton pad to use with cleansing water

    + Fully Absorb: let skincare products absorbed deeply with Ion (-)

    + Moisture: warm nourishing with both Ion (+/-)

    + Cool: cooling effect to shrink pores and calm the skin

  • How to store
  • After use, clean massage head and cool head with wet wipe and store in cool, dry place

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